When you order MaleEdge pro traction device, you will receive a DVD which shows you exactly how to assemble the device and put it on. The process is very simple and you should be able to easily put on MaleEdge extender without any troubles after the first 1 or 2 times.

Before you put on MaleEdge, you will need to estimate how far your penis can stretch outward. You can do this by gently tugging on your penis until you feel a slight tension. Then, set the length of MaleEdge device so the strap will line up below your penis head.

Mounting your penis is very simple. Just put your penis through the circular base and use the front mounting piece and strap to secure your penis is place. The DVD gives you a detailed video to make this all clear. After your penis is mounted, you set the traction. To do this, just push the two sidebars forward. You should be able to feel the traction. The small pins which you can see inside the clear part of the plastic rods will tell you how much traction you are applying.

Male Edge Training Program

Just like with bodybuilding, you will want to start out penis extension slowly and build up intensity gradually. This will ensure you are getting the best results and promoting healthy cell growth. MaleEdge recommends that you use this regiment for getting the best penis growth results:

  • Week 1: 1200g for 1 hour daily
  • Week 2: 1200g for 2 hours daily
  • Week 3: 1200g for 3 hours daily
  • Week 4: 1200g for 4 hours daily
  • Week 5: 1200-2000g for 5 hours daily
  • Week 6: 1200-2800g for 6+ hours daily

If you have any questions, MaleEdge is there to help! The customer service team is available by phone or email. Or, you can head over to the MaleEdge forum which where you can connect with other MaleEdge users, ask questions, and get advice.

Keep in mind that you are always in control when it comes to penis extension. MaleEdge should not be painful to use and it should be comfortable. Only wear MaleEdge for as long as you feel comfortable and in tension levels which are not painful. There is no need to rush; the results will come!