Q: Does MaleEdge really work?

A: Yes! The Male Edge device utilizes the clinically-proven system of penis traction to make your penis bigger. You will get a larger penis from using Male Edge or you will get double your money back.

Q: Will MaleEdge make my penis long and skinny?

A: No; Male Edge works by promoting natural cell division in your penis. It will cause your penis to become longer and thicker.

Q: How long do I need to wear MaleEdge device to get results?

A: You can wear Male Edge for as long or little as you want. However, to get the best results, you should stick to the Male Edge plan. In this plan, you should wear the extension device for 1 hour during the first week, 2 hours during the second week, 3 hours during the third week, and so forth up until the sixth week.

Q: Can I wear MaleEdge while sleeping?

A: At first, you should not wear Male Edge while sleeping because the device should only be worn for a few hours. After the sixth week of using Male Edge, your penis will be ready for extended use with the traction device and you may wear it while sleeping. However, if you move around in your sleep a lot, you may not be able to keep the device on properly.

Q: Will MaleEdge be noticeable underneath clothes?

A: You can wear Male Edge with a pair of loose-fitting boxer shorts underneath cloths and no one should be able to notice. Try it out and see whether it is comfortable and how it looks! Most men have success with this method and even wear the traction device to work.

Q: I have a very small penis. Will I still be able to use MaleEdge?

A: Male Edge has been made to accommodate men of various lengths and sizes. Male Edge can be easily adjusted from 2 to 11 inches. The straps can also be adjusted to suit various girths of penises.

Q: How much will I gain with MaleEdge?

A: Every man is different and will have different results from Male Edge. However, studies showed that on average men can expect to gain 28% of their original length and 19% of their original girth.

Q: Does MaleEdge increase erection size or flaccid penis size?

A: Results from Male Edge are measuring in erect penis size. However, the gains from Male Edge are for both your erect and flaccid size.

Q: Will MaleEdge affect my erections?

A: Since Male Edge increases your penis size, it will have more space for blood. Additionally, it promotes healthy cell growth which are more capable of holding blood. Because of this, many men have reported that their erection quality improved after using Male Edge.

Q: How is MaleEdge shipped?

A: Male Edge will be shipped out to you using FedEx or your area’s major postal carrier. Orders are sent out promptly and in discreet, unbranded packaging.

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