MaleEdge has been used by over 125,000 men throughout the world! As increasingly more men successfully use MaleEdge penis extender, the popularity grows even more rapidly. Why? Because MaleEdge gives men the results they want. Here is what some MaleEdge users had to say in a follow-up survey.

“I am very impressed with Male Edge. It did everything that it claimed it would. I had a 22% increase in penis length and 16% in girth. I know that this isn’t what they claimed were average. Oh well. Even if my gains are under average, I am still very pleased and my girlfriend is too. This has made our sex life much better.” – M.M.

“This thing is very easy to use and I was surprised that it is so comfortable. It was only awkward to wear for the first day or two and then I could wear it without even noticing…I was kinda obsessed with measuring during the first week. Of course, then the growth was too gradual to notice. I got frustrated after a week of not being able to see growth. So I stopped measuring for a while. When I measured again 2 weeks later, I was surprised to see I had gained nearly half an inch. Every time I measure now, I get all excited to see how much I have gained. Now after 6 months I have gone from 5 7/16 inch to 7 12/16 inch. I am very happy with my investment.” – J.D.

“The reason I decided to try Male Edge is because I went in for an appointment to see about penis surgery. The doctor told me that my 4 inch erection would gain 1 cm. I think he said cm just because it sounds like more than ½ inch! The jerk even made it seem like I should be thrilled to shell out 3 grand and get half an inch! Then he tells me that I would have to wear a penis extension device after surgery to make sure that my penis ligament didn’t reattach and the device will probably give me other gains. I figure hey, if I am going to have to wear an extension after surgery, then I should just skip the surgery and wear the device! I feel like writing that doctor a letter telling him what a jerk he is to torture men with penis surgery when they can enlarge their penis naturally. I gained 1.5 inches on my erection after 5 months. This may not seem like a lot but going from 4 to 5.5 inches is a major improvement! And I saved myself $3000.” – S.J.

“I can’t believe how much harder my hardons are now. My penis got all bulked up after just 2 months of wearing Male Edge. The first weeks I stuck to the program and then after 4 weeks I would wear it while watching TV for like 3 to 6 hours a day. I am really happy that my penis is an inch bigger and another inch around but I am most happy that my cock gets so hard. Sex is more intense now.” – A.G.

“The customer service person was very kind in answering all my questions and even sent me links to some independent studies about penis enlargement with extenders. I didn’t realize that this method was so thoroughly researched. I purchased the Extra Male Edge traction device. It was very comfortable to wear and did not cause any pain to my uncircumcised penis. The forum was also very helpful for comparing results with other men. I don’t feel like I was the only guy in the world with a small penis anymore but my penis is larger now anyway so who cares!” – D.V.

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