If you want a larger penis, you now have lots of different options to choose from. You will find though that most of these options all have a few major flaws: They don’t work, they give short-lasting results, they are painful, or they are expensive. When it comes down to it, penile extension is usually the best choice for all men who want a larger penis.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are vacuum-like suction devices which you put over your penis. The force of the sucking causes blood to flow into your penis and you get an erection. Then, you put a tight restrictive ring around the penis to make the blood stay inside the penile cavities. Since so much more blood gets pumped into the penis, a penis pump really can give you a slightly larger erection. However, these results are short lived. Over-pumping can also be dangerous as you may cause penile capillaries to burst. Penis pumps generally should only be used as a non-drug method of treating erectile dysfunction.

Penis Pills

Penis pills work on the claim that they improve the blood flow to your penis so it becomes larger during erection. There are a few penis pills which actually do live up to this claim. However, NO penis pill will make your penis permanently larger. You can forget their claims that so much blood gets pumped into your penis that it causes it to grow from the inside out. This is not possible from any penis pill. While penis pills may be a good solution for short-term benefits or increasing penis hardness, they often contain dangerous substances and should be purchased with caution.

Penis Surgery

There are actually two separate penis surgeries: one for lengthening and one for widening. The lengthening penile surgery is much simpler. It involves making an incision into the ligament which holds the penis in place. Since this ligament is located inside the body, cutting it can cause the penis to extend out further. Most men only get about 0.5-1 inch of gains. The widening penile surgery is very complex, painful, and has the risk of giving you a bumpy, deformed penis. During the surgery, your penis skin will be taken off and your member will be surrounded by a graft made from a material harvested from cadavers. Penis surgery is pricy at about $5,000 for each surgery. Some doctors will perform both surgeries at once though some require separate sessions.

Penis Exercises

There is conflicting information about whether penis exercises work. One of these exercises, jelqing, has been used in Arabian countries for centuries and is now thought of as a way to increase blood flow to the penis and exercise the penile tissue. The reason that there is so little information about jelqing is probably because it is almost impossible to keep up this exercise routine. To get a larger penis with just jelqing, you would probably need to constantly jerk your penis for about 4 hours daily. Since your penis must be non-erect for jelqing to be effective, this would take a lot of patience and willpower on your part.

Penis Traction Devices

Penis traction is the one method of penis enlargement which has actually been proven to work, tested successfully by thousands of men, and is completely safe. However, not all penile extension devices are made the same. It is very important that you chose a penis extender which allows you to adjust the tension of the device. Also, you should make sure that the extender is comfortable enough to wear for a couple hours per day. MaleEdge is the industry leader for penis traction devices and for all penis enhancement products. You can find out for yourself though risk free with the double money-back guarantee.